Our community lost two leaders this past month.  One was in his 50’s, one in his 60’s.  I so wish they had known and experienced a low carb, moderate protein, and high healthy fat ketogenic way of living.  Insulin resistance is real and it’s a killer.

I do understand how giving up sugar and starches and processed foods can sound like a drag.  But here’s the thing:   We can keep eating sugar, grains, and processed foods that spike our insulin and make us fat and sick and lead to premature death.  Or we can enjoy good foods that don’t spike our insulin, that fill us up and fuel our bodies–all the while losing weight, getting well, and feeling better than ever.

It is ironic that doing the opposite of the old dietary guidelines helps us get well and have better lives to live.  I never dreamed my life would get this good.  I never dreamed that doing without something I loved so much—sugar and bread, etc—would make me so happy.  But that’s exactly what happened.

I’ve lost 85 pounds over two years.  Mark has lost 40 pounds and reversed the symptoms of diabetes.  Are we going to live forever?  No, of course not.  But we’re not worried about dying from diabetes or heart disease anymore.  We’re not worried about losing feet or eyesight or having to go on dialysis.    Whatever the future holds, we know we’re giving ourselves the best chance possible to live out our years with health and vitality.

I’m so thankful that we found a tribe of people to tell us about the science of this way of eating and how to carry it out with joy and happiness.   And now it’s our mission to tell everybody about the benefits of this way of eating.  We don’t have to be fat and sick.  We don’t have to die early deaths from illnesses caused by inflammation and hyperinsulinemia.

One day everyone will know and understand that our food is medicine.  It’ll be part of our every day culture and eating low carb will be the norm.  We’ll have to be 18 to buy sugar without parental consent.  And while we’ll always have losses to bear in life, we won’t be losing our loved ones and our community leaders due to unnecessary conditions caused by insulin resistance.

If you’re still feeling like giving up sugar and crappy carbage is about deprivation and sadness, I hope you’ll do some of the things we’ve done:

Here’s to a happy, healthy keto new year for 2018!

Last Modified on January 3, 2018
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