Sugar Free Chocolate Your Way

While the title of the recipe is sugar free chocolate chips, I made these into 24 squares so they could be pulled out for either chocolate chips or for a bit of chocolate to go with a cup of coffee.  Two total carbs, one fiber, one net carb.  Five fat, one protein.

These are solid at room temperature.  They aren’t fat bombs, but more like a solid chocolate bar.  Be sure to mix the erythritol and cocoa powder together well and smooth out any lumps.  Sift if needed.  I melted the cocoa butter and chocolate in a glass jar and placed it in  a pan of simmering water.  Cocoa butter melts slowly so go take your time and don’t let water get into the mixture while it’s melting.  Going too fast or getting water in it will cause it to seize and then it’s just a big mess and inedible.

Thank you to All Day I Dream About Food which is a gorgeous low carb food blog.  You can find their recipe here.