A Keto Easter

This is our third keto Easter! Basic, but really good food.  And here’s my plate.  You’ll often find green beans, salad with homemade Italian and Ranch dressings,  deviled eggs, and Fox Hill Kitchen rollz on our holiday menus.  And this time we had loaded cauliflower bake which was a big hit.  Kyle kept saying it looked amazing–music to my ears when my grandchildren like our keto food.    Mark said it reminded him of hash brown casserole.  Okay, it’s on our rotation now 🙂

Ham, because well, it’s Easter, right?  Looking at the plate now, it looks a little skimpy protein-wise and pretty carb-heavy with the vegetables, but it’s at a good 2 to 1 fat to protein ratio and these will be all the carbs I’ll have today.   On  holidays or when  I’m cooking for company, I’ll serve more vegetables.  Most days I have at most one or two vegetables for the whole day.

The macro count for my plate and one each of the desserts came out to be 23 total carbs (I did  not count the sugar alcohols, but otherwise these are total carbs), 84 fat, 39 protein grams.

And here’s what we had for dessert.  Lemon pound cake made in a brownie pan and Harlan’s chocolate cookies.  The cake is one of our favorites.  The cookies were good, although I don’t think I’ll roll them in swerve next time.  As you can see, they didn’t really turn out with the dusting of white as crinkle cookies should.  However, they were still good and I’ll make them again.

We had a wonderful Easter with Judson and Rachel and the grandchildren and we even went to church together this morning.  My mother-in-law V was with us for our dinner too.  We are blessed to be local and able to be with each other on holidays. In earlier years, we would have had a lot of starches and sugar, sugar, and more sugar.  But now we focus on  being with the people we love and enjoying good foods that help us stay happy and healthy.  Now why didn’t we take family pictures today?!?

As I’m writing, I’m still full from the meal so I’m skipping dinner tonight  I hope your Easter was happy and hoppy and all things good 🙂




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