A Tale of Two Birthdays

Thinking back to my last birthday, I felt pretty bummed about turning 60.   I had been eating low carb for only a couple of months and had lost about twenty pounds.  I was  happy but I wanted cake.  Real cake.  So I had real cake from Incredibly Delicious. And flowers.  I wanted pretty flowers!  The cake was good–their cakes are always good–but not as good as I remembered.  Plus I felt more bummed about cheating on my “diet”.  Not only that, but when the scale didn’t move for another three weeks, I was triple-bummed!  The flowers helped, but I wasn’t going the cheating route this year.  No way.

So today is my 61st birthday.  A whole keto year.  I’m so happy and grateful for the researchers and physicians and the ketovangelists and all my fellow low carb/keto peeps who help me learn more and more about this way of living and who keep me inspired.  At 61, I’m down 77 pounds and I feel like this is a different world.

We went to see Mark’s cardiologist yesterday.  He was so pleased with Mark’s labs and said we didn’t have to go back for three years.  I’m so thankful that we don’t have to worry about out-of-control blood sugars, neuropathy, and heart disease. All because we learned about the benefits of low carb/keto living and decided to give it our best try.   I send up prayers of gratitude every day.

So this year, I know a lot more about keto living and I know we can have tasty cake that doesn’t involve sugar and carb overload.  This year we’re celebrating with chocolate cake from All Day I Dream About Food.  You can find the cake recipe here.   I made a different frosting to go with it—butter, Sukrin 1 confectioners, a little vanilla, and enough heavy cream to thicken it.  Ten servings at 8 carbs total/4 fiber/4 total carbs.  As opposed to 35 carbs for a slice of chocolate cake made with wheat flour and sugar.  No thank you, I’ll take keto 🙂

If you’re struggling with your weight or if you or someone you love has diabetes, don’t wait.  This way of eating can change your life beyond your wildest dreams.  If you need help getting started, check out the list of resources here and let’s get started!