Mexican-style Pulled Pork

Cooking in this new year 2021!  Mexican-style pulled pork, shown here with some lettuce and sour cream on the side.   You could also use a pork loin, but we found this pork butt roast on sale this week for 99 cents a pound. I’m hearing from so many people that they’ve strayed from keto over […]

Keto Peanut Butter Fudge

In pre-keto days, I made batch after batch of fudge and pralines.  Mark used to kid me and say that it wasn’t really Christmas until I had had a batch of fudge fail to set up properly.  Well, with this keto version, there’s no worries about reaching a hard-ball stage and no need to bother […]

Merry Keto Holidays 2020

Do you save Christmas cards from days gone by?  I have a whole basketful that I treasure.  I go over them one by one every year and it always makes me sentimental.  There is so much love in that basket.  When we started keto, I wanted to make Christmas cards to remember and to share […]

Merry Thanksgiving

Oh, who am I kidding?  It was a bittersweet Thanksgiving.  But still, we made it as merry as we could, and there were many moments of joy in between the family spat and the intermittent self-critical thought of “doing too much” and trying to make it all perfect.  Whew!  But we made it through and […]


If you’ve followed me over these keto years, you know that I’ve been preaching against wheat bread for a while now.  It made me fat.  It made Mark’s blood sugar go up.  So we gave it up.  When we first went keto, I tried every keto bread recipe I could find.  Cloud bread, oopsie bread, […]

Cauli-Rice Ball Casserole

I loved this dish.  Actually, I’ve never had the carb-version of rice balls, but they sounded good; and I figured we keto peeps can make cauliflower work in almost everything, so I gave it a go.  Success!  Here are the instructions: Microwave one package of green giant riced cauliflower for 5 minutes, then put in […]

Crisp Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m more of a soft cookie fan, but Mark likes the crisp, flat cookies better.  And you might know that “crisp” is a texture that’s not exactly easy to obtain with nut flours.   Our friend Ben, aka as benlowcarb on Facebook, shared this recipe along with his tips for getting that flat crisp cookie […]


We’re in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.  We’re all home as much as possible and doing the best we can to help keep the rate of infection down.  It’s more important than ever to take care of ourselves now.  When we eat real food that fuels our bodies, we’re in better shape for ourselves, […]