Cheese Sauce

I made up a batch of this cheese sauce this week and  had it over vegetables, scrambled eggs, and again alongside steak. You can use pretty much any cheese you’d like–mozzarella, cheddar, gouda, etc.  It’s very similar to the alfredo sauce.  I hope you’ll try it! Heat gently together 1 cup of heavy cream, 1/2 […]

What We’ve Been Up To: Email Recap

Once again it was so great to see everybody at our last Unity meeting–both familiar faces and a newcomer! We watched a quick 11-minute video from KetoConnect with various experts at Low Carb Breckinridge answering the question, “What did you believe a year ago that you no longer believe?”  Although we didn’t necessarily agree with […]

A Keto Easter

This is our third keto Easter! Basic, but really good food.  And here’s my plate.  You’ll often find green beans, salad with homemade Italian and Ranch dressings,  deviled eggs, and Fox Hill Kitchen rollz on our holiday menus.  And this time we had loaded cauliflower bake which was a big hit.  Kyle kept saying it […]

Wagon Wheel Pancakes

Last Sunday morning I wanted pancakes.  And not just pancakes, but wagon wheel pancakes with bacon & blueberries like we used to have at a local restaurant.  So we made it happen! Pancakes:  Beat 2 eggs, 2 oz cream cheese, and a tablespoon swerve  together til well mixed and lumps are gone.  Add 1/4 cup […]

Keto With Kynda & Mark Recap

What We’ve Been Up To: We recently watched Carb Loaded, available on Amazon.  It’s a film with a very basic overview that includes some animations that make it interesting and a little different.  Don’t worry about that part at the end where the speaker says we all need to be eating grass-fed meats and dairy.  […]

A Keto Birthday

I had a great birthday earlier this month!  62 years young.  Two years ago, I was very early into the keto lifestyle and I had no idea how to get through a birthday without sugar.  I was pretty miserable after indulging in an old favorite bakery cake and I vowed that I’d never do that […]

Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies

I often make these quick easy cookies when the grandchildren are coming over.  They turn out thin and crispy and we all love them!  One recipe makes twelve smaller sized thin cookies, so double it if you’re having more people over. You can also melt the chocolate chips and make them a chocolate cookies, which […]

Keto with Kynda & Mark Recap

What We’ve Been Up To: So nice to see everybody this week at Unity!  We had one newcomer and a great turnout of familiar faces too. Movie Recommendations Most of us were at the showing of The Magic Pill last week, and we were still buzzing about it.  So many people have expressed what an […]

The Magic Pill

So our showing of The Magic Pill actually happened on March 7th here in Springfield.  We are so grateful to the hundred-plus people who came to see it with us. So many of you in our keto tribe showed up to be with us. You all rock! You will never know how much you help […]

Quick Friday Night Pizza Option

Friday night pizza! I put 12 sandwich pepperoni slices on parchment paper, added mozzarella, a Tbls of rao’s marinara sauce, a sprinkle of parmasean and red pepper flakes on each slice, then baked at 350 til browned and bubbly, A thing of keto beauty 🙂       And this is how we served our […]