If you’ve followed me over these keto years, you know that I’ve been preaching against wheat bread for a while now.  It made me fat.  It made Mark’s blood sugar go up.  So we gave it up.  When we first went keto, I tried every keto bread recipe I could find.  Cloud bread, oopsie bread, […]

Cauli-Rice Ball Casserole

I loved this dish.  Actually, I’ve never had the carb-version of rice balls, but they sounded good; and I figured we keto peeps can make cauliflower work in almost everything, so I gave it a go.  Success!  Here are the instructions: Microwave one package of green giant riced cauliflower for 5 minutes, then put in […]

Crisp Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’m more of a soft cookie fan, but Mark likes the crisp, flat cookies better.  And you might know that “crisp” is a texture that’s not exactly easy to obtain with nut flours.   Our friend Ben, aka as benlowcarb on Facebook, shared this recipe along with his tips for getting that flat crisp cookie […]


We’re in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.  We’re all home as much as possible and doing the best we can to help keep the rate of infection down.  It’s more important than ever to take care of ourselves now.  When we eat real food that fuels our bodies, we’re in better shape for ourselves, […]

Welcome 2020

December 29th is my four year ketoversary!  Four whole years.  I spent a lifetime wishing  I could lose weight and be at peace with my appetite and food.  When I found keto that day just after Christmas,  I did not understand this would  be the thing that would heal my mind and my body and […]

Chayote “Apple” Crumble

Chayote are cute little green squash that show up in the fall at our local Wal-Mart and with a little effort, it’s entirely possible to have a very nice keto-style “apple” crumble for the fall season! This dessert runs about 12 carbs per serving by my count, excluding the sugar alcohols in the sweetener.  That’s […]


The little mini dash waffle makers are all the rage in the keto facebook groups these day.  They’re cute, they make the perfect bun size, and the varieties are endless!   I have to confess that I made a big mess with such a little machine the first time I used it–overfilling is not recommended!  But […]

What We’ve Been Up To

This is an excerpt from a bi-monthly email that I send out after our local meetings.  If you’d like to get those emails directly, you can sign up at the bottom of this post.  No spamming and I don’t share your address with anyone else. So nice to see everyone last week!  Newcomers, be sure […]

Ice Cream!

I’ve been on an ice cream kick lately.  I found Rebel ice cream at our local HyVee, which is pretty good.  The texture isn’t quite right to me, but it’s not bad if you don’t want to make your own.  But remember how good homemade ice cream is?  Well, this recipe from Mandy over at […]