Keto Con 2017

Mark and I had a wonderful time at Keto Con.  We met so many nice people, including the Ketovangelist team, Jimmy Moore, and the one and only Carrie Brown.  Carrie shared her story of how keto has helped her stablize her bipolar illness and it was beautiful.  We heard story after story of keto helping […]

Quick & Easy Keto Food Ideas

Here’s a collection of ideas for quick & easy foods and meals if you’re just starting out on this low carb ketogenic way of eating.  Pretty soon it gets to be second nature and it won’t feel like a puzzle to figure out what to eat.  In the meantime, here are some ideas to start […]

Chocolate Cheesecake Two Ways

We recently took this chocolate cheesecake to a dinner party.  I try to make deserts when we have other people to share them with, that way we aren’t eating the whole thing!  Anyway, I was looking around for a cheesecake recipe and I found  one to adapt in an old Southern Living cookbook. Crust:  1 […]

Keto Progress Update

On the left, two years ago.  The shot on the right was taken this month.  These days non-black pants don’t scare me quite so much.  I found these at Goodwill–a pair of Old Navy’s in a size 8.  It’s another one of those too-good-to-be-true things about keto that I love.  I had a new in-body […]

Keto Bread

This recipe is adapted from Against All Grain by Danielle Walker and I want to give a shout out to her.   Danielle has a great story of  recovery from an autoimmune disease through a paleo style nutrition.   Her recipes are not keto as she can use various forms of sugar such as honey and […]

Eighteen Months of Keto

Well, a year and a half low carb/keto.  I wonder when I’ll stop counting?? In some ways, it seems like yesterday that I saw that first facebook post that sent me off in this direction.  It was a life-changing moment.  In other ways, it’s starting to feel like . . . well, like life.  Like […]

Mexican-Style Cauliflower Rice

One of our favorites!  We have this most every week.  If you need a dish for a potluck, double it.  It goes over very well and no one has to know that it’s a low carb/keto dish.  It also keeps well for a couple of days in the fridge for leftovers. One package of frozen […]

How Do You Change Your Life With Keto?

You  ask yourself:  “what would I love?”  Even better, you spend some time writing down the answers you get to that question about what you’d love. And then you start looking for a little spark of belief:  “Maybe it’s possible?”  You think about the possibility, even if it seems like a far-fetched possibility, and fan […]

Success Stories

So many of my friends getting on the low carb keto wagon! Ran into a former co-worker the other day at Aldi’s and she’s lost 44 pounds! And another friend wrote me that she’s lost 18 pounds and her blood sugars are down. YaY! Just yesterday I heard from another friend and low-carber who began […]