If you’ve followed me over these keto years, you know that I’ve been preaching against wheat bread for a while now.  It made me fat.  It made Mark’s blood sugar go up.  So we gave it up.  When we first went keto, I tried every keto bread recipe I could find.  Cloud bread, oopsie bread, “tortilla” bread, blah blah blah.  Nothing worked, I was so frustrated with the time, the effort, the cost, the disappointments!

Along the way, I did find a waffle recipe that we liked.  We found biscuits that were actually a hit at our family dinners.  But bread–well, not so much.

Until lately.  When I started practicing with Maria Emmerich’s protein bread recipe.  It’s just beaten egg whites with a little salt,  cream of tartar, and egg white protein powder.  The taste is pretty bland, but the texture is similar to the bland white bread that we used to eat loaves of every week.  This version holds fillings like bacon and tomato, peanut butter, turkey and cheese and we’re pretty happy with it.

My best results have been with making 6 buns rather than the loaf.  If you look at Maria’s video, she makes a double batch for two loaves at a time.  I find that one of the smaller egg white cartons whipped will fill my mixer bowl, so I halved her recipe, whipping a one-pound carton of egg whites with a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of cream of tartar until it’s very stiff.  I then fold in 2 scoops of unflavored  egg white protein powder.

My biggest challenge was to get the egg white mixture shaped into the general shape of a bun.  I have six small non-stick pans that I spray generously with coconut oil.  Then I take the whole batch and divide it into the six pans, piling them high and shaping them generally into a bun shape.  This took some practice and I have to admit I had several less-than-better attempts.

The buns are several inches tall when the pans are filled before baking.   They will puff up during baking and then deflate when cooling.  Piling them high before baking ensures that there will be enough thickness to them after the baking and deflating.  Macros:  14 protein grams and 2 carbs for each of the six buns.

The pans are about 5 inches in diameter and they have a removable bottom.  I think they were designed for tortes.






Turkey and cheese.  I found this deli turkey at our local meat market.  It’s pretty clean for deli turkey.  It does contain dextrose which is less-than-ideal, but no sugar or starchy fillers.






Another turkey and cheese grilled, with one of the earlier loaf attempts.  Getting the shape of a loaf was a bigger challenge, which is why I switched the bun version.  Maybe you’ll find the loaf easier than the buns?




Peanut butter and “jelly” (just a few blueberries cooked down til thickened).  Again a loaf attempt that tasted good but was so weirdly shaped! lol







And a grilled bun.  As you can see, the bun turned out a little more shapely.




If you try Maria’s protein bread recipe, let me know what you think!

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