The little mini dash waffle makers are all the rage in the keto facebook groups these day.  They’re cute, they make the perfect bun size, and the varieties are endless!   I have to confess that I made a big mess with such a little machine the first time I used it–overfilling is not recommended!  But with some practice, even I’ve been able to make a decent mini waffle.

Most mini-chafflers are using this recipe:  Mix together 1 egg with a half cup shredded cheese, a little garlic powder or whatever seasoning you’d like, spoon half into the hot waffle maker and cook it about 4 minutes.  As it cools, it crisps up and then you can use them as savory waffles with a smear of cream cheese and bacon, they make a good bun for most any keto “sandwich” creation, and there are even dessert recipes out there too.  This Keto ChaffleHouse facebook group has 35,000+ members and tons of fun ideas beyond the basics.

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