Chocolate Covered Strawberries

These were so easy to make.  The strawberries need to be rinsed and then allowed to dry thoroughly.  While they are drying, melt  a 9 oz package of lily’s sugar-free chocolate chips with  an ounce of cocoa butter.  If you don’t have cocoa butter, you could also use coconut oil.  Dip the dry strawberries in the chocolate and set them on a tray covered with parchment paper.  Cool in the fridge. My grandson said they were “Amazing!” which of course made my heart sing.





I covered 25 strawberries and had plenty of chocolate left over so I poured the rest into candy molds and made these cute little chocolates.  Or it could be put it in a shallow tray,  cooled, and broken into bark-like pieces instead.

Next time, I’ll just get two nice boxes of strawberries and keep dipping until the chocolate is all used up.  I’m going to want to see Kyle enjoying chocolate-dipped strawberries again soon 🙂


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