These were so good!  Both iced and un-iced.  Made with coconut flour, which seems to yield a much softer texture cake.  They taste like I remember hostess cupcakes tasting.  Only it’s been three years since I’ve had anything like a hostess cupcake, so they may not taste anything like them.  Actually, I would bet these are better 🙂

If you’d like to make these, here’s the recipe. If you have baked with coconut flour, you know how absorbent it is.  If we use too much, the recipe will turn out dry, dry, dry.  I like to sift coconut flour before measuring, then measure carefully and use just barely the amount called for, not a bit extra.  Then I’ll let the batter sit for a few minutes to see how thick it will get as the coconut flour does it’s thing.  If the batter looks too thick, I’ll add in some heavy cream or unsweetened nut milk, or even water, to thin it out if needed. Even though coconut flour has this property, I like the nice soft texture it produces.

The ganache-like icing was made by melting 3 oz baking chocolate, 1/4 cup thick part of a can of coconut milk, a tablespoon of butter, and a half cup of swerve.  Melt this slowly–like about ten seconds in the microwave, stir, repeat, until it is just melted and shiny.  Because if it gets too hot too quickly, the chocolate will seize and it is sad to have to throw the whole batch in trash.  Trust me, I know.  But if you do the ten-second pulse in the microwave followed by a good stir, it’ll be fine.  When it goes on the cupcake, it will be shiny, as it cools, it will become more matte-like. Makes 24 cupcakes.



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