Keto Con 2017

Mark and I had a wonderful time at Keto Con.  We met so many nice people, including the Ketovangelist team, Jimmy Moore, and the one and only Carrie Brown.  Carrie shared her story of how keto has helped her stablize her bipolar illness and it was beautiful.  We heard story after story of keto helping people recover from all sorts of physical and mental maladies.  It’s incredible that so much can be gained through avoiding sugar and grains and processed foods while we get to eat amazing keto foods, including Carrie’s ice creams!


My favorite product featured at Keto Con is bunz and bagels baked by Julie at  Fox Hill Kitchens.  She’s lost 50 pounds and now she bakes bread for all of us keto peeps who need her product!  If you order, use the code ketocon for a discount.  Shipping is free if you buy in multiples of 6.

Mark’s favorite product discovery at Keto Con is the MCT powdered oil from Ballistic Keto.  He has it with his coffee every morning which has helped him get rid of the Splenda-sweetened-coffee-syrup he was using.  He’s seen the scale drop since he stopped the sweeteners, which is what we hear over and over.

Let’s see, what other take-aways from Keto Con?  Speaker after speaker recommended counting total carbs rather than net.  Turns out that fiber can affect our metabolism, so if you’re not having the progress you’re after with net carbs, try counting total carbs for a while and see what happens.  There was also mention of increasing omega 3 oils to get our Omega 3:6 ratio down, meaning add more olive oil, coconut oil, butter, lard to offset the effects of omega 6 oils, which are the more inflammatory of the oils.  Another incentive to make our own mayo!

We ate at Black’s BBQ every day we were at Keto Con.  It was that good!  Here Mark is having a gigantic beef rib.  Our favorite was the brisket.

We had fun, we met great people, we learned so much, and we came back even more enthusiastic about our keto lifestyle.  We’ve already bought our tickets to Keto Con 2018.  We’d love to see you there too–tickets are half price right now!


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