Keto Mint Thins

Don’t let the girl scouts talk you into cookies this year! There are keto versions that we can make that won’t give us grief. Give the girls a donation and let them pass the cookies along to someone else. I’ll be sending my donation to my little friend Aubrey:)

So if you’re a fan of those famous mint cookies, here’s a way to have them and be happy with yourself and the scale while enjoying the mint season!  I used this recipe:

I added about a tsp of xantham gum and a tablespoon of gelatin to the batter just to help improve the texture.  They might be just fine without those additions; but the big low-carb food bloggers often add these to help improve the texture and integrity of the finished product, so I often throw them in for good measure.

Don’t panic if they are soft when  you bring them out of the oven, they crisp as they cool.

And I used doTerra peppermint essential oil for the mint flavoring in the coating.  If you do a side-by-side sniff test of mint extract and essential oil, the difference is significant!

We’ve been living with a terrible loss at our house lately, but I loved making  these cookies with my sister last week.  I think the key to low carb/keto living is learning how to eat this way and be happy with it.  Not just avoiding these foods and eating those foods and feeling sad about what we can’t have.  No, that’s no fun and it’s hard to maintain if you’re focused on what you can’t have.  But when we enjoy our food and concentrate on what we get to have, we learn how to live keto happy.  Even during sad and stressful times.

As always, if you make these; let me know how they turned out for you!


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