Keto Restaurant Meals

Some shots of meals that we’ve enjoyed at our local restaurants lately:

The salad bar with steak & brocooli at Alexander’s:

A hot dog at the ballgame!  We didn’t bother asking for it without the bun, we just ignored it 🙂


This plate of bacon was ordered as an appetizer when we went to Engrained with the Central Illinois Keto peeps


A local favorite, Obed & Isaac’s.  Pork rinds for appetizer, good salads, bunless burgers with green beans.  The omelet is from their Sunday brunch menu.


And one of our favorite local diners that serves breakfast all day:  Sgt Pepper’s.


Lakepoint Grille serves a great cesear, just order without croutons.  Topped with grilled salmon or steak or shrimp.  Mark’s steak came with a double order of green beans rather than potato.





Staying keto at restaurants is pretty easy.  Steaks or bunless burgers with veggie sides; salads with cesear, ranch, or blue cheese dressing; omelets, scrambled eggs and bacon and/or sausage for breakfast or when you feel like breakfast-for-dinner.  Fast food places will serve their burgers low carb style and they’ll often be better than the regular versions because they’re made up when you order them rather than sitting in the warmer.  Most deli sandwich shops will serve their sandwiches salad-style or unwich style.  We do cook at home more often these days, but eating out is still part of the keto life 🙂

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