Keto Strong

Our October was pretty awful.  Two deaths; one shocking and unexpected, and one after a long debilitating illness. We are still reeling.  But our friends and family dropped everything and helped us get through the initial days.  Our friend Lee Ann brought keto bagels, both savory and sweet, which were so helpful to have around to feed the crowd.  If you haven’t had keto bagels yet, it’s worth the effort.

This was breakfast one morning–one of Lee Ann’s savory bagels with cream cheese and bacon served along with some deviled eggs and fresh sweet pepper slices.  Thank you so much to Lee Ann and to our friends who brought all kinds of food and groceries.  You helped us so much.

One of the things I’ll be doing to help myself and my family cope for the next few weeks will be baking and cooking plenty of good keto food, including more bagels.  And the holidays are coming up, so another reason to invest in home cooking, right?

Lee Ann also brought Carrie Brown’s peanut butter chocolate ice cream, also amazingly delicious.  You can find that recipe book here.

Someone asked me if we stayed on the keto way-of-eating throughout this ordeal.  Of course we did. It’s the way we live, it’s food that fuels and nourishes our bodies.  No way we’re risking our health for carbage, especially when we need to be at our best during such a trying time.  Hug your loved ones tight.  And be keto strong.




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