Merry Everything & Happy Always

This holiday card was made possible by living a low carb, ketogenic way of eating.  If you’re new to keto, I hope you’re researching and learning all you can about what the standard dietary advice has been doing to us and how you can turn that around.





Here’s a little more on what we’ve been thinking about lately:

If I lived in Houston, I’d want Dr Nadir Ali to be my doctor!  Brian’s podcast with Dr Ali was so inspiring.  Can’t wait to hear him at KetoCon again this year!  By the way, you are going to meet us in June at KetoCon, right?

I’ve been sharing this article which appeared in The Hill recently:  Mandate is clear:  Flawed dietary guidelines process must be reformed

And of course, we’ve been eating really well as usual!

Pork-rind crusted fried chicken with bacon-wrapped asparagus and Mark’s famous smoked brisket.




Christmas cookies & hot chocolate, keto-style.





And all the while, we aren’t worried about a holiday weight gain!  I hope you’re on your own healthy life adventure.  We don’t have to let sugar and grains and processed foods continue to wreck havoc on our lives any more.  There’s a better way.

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