Merry Thanksgiving!

What a great Thanksgiving!  It was a small celebration, but mighty 🙂

Mark got up before dawn to start the fresh turkey in the smoker.  We agree, hands down, The. Best. Bird. Ever.  I’m so thankful Mark likes the smoker!  We looked at them on and off for a while and tried to talk ourselves out of going to the trouble.  But really, it was a good purchase.  We’re really enjoying the results.  It’s extra work for Mark, but he enjoys it  and he’s proud of his results.  As he should be!

And here’s my Thanksgiving plate.  Turkey–with the cowboy butter!, deviled egg, cauli-mash with extra butter, green beans, Fox Hill Kitchens roll.  I was full already before dessert, but we had a couple of those too!

Pie recipes were from Carrie Brown’s holiday cookbook.  Maybe my favorite part about the desserts was the whipped cream–heavy cream whipped with some Swerve and vanilla. Actually, whipped cream might be my favorite keto dessert of all time.   I hope your Thanksgiving was keto and happy and blessed.  Now we’re on to Christmas 🙂

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