Mexican-Style Cauliflower Rice

One of our favorites!  We have this most every week.  If you need a dish for a potluck, double it.  It goes over very well and no one has to know that it’s a low carb/keto dish.  It also keeps well for a couple of days in the fridge for leftovers.

One package of frozen riced cauliflower
1 or 2 chopped peppers–green, red, yellow, or a combo
1/4  chopped medium onion
1/2 of a 10 oz can rotel tomatoes
2 Tbls Maria’s taco seasoning   (I keep a jar of this made up in the spice cabinet.  It’s so much better than the packaged versions! Those seasoning packets are notorious for containing sugars and starches.)
Optional:  Meat of your choice–we like chicken, steak, or sausage.

Microwave the cauliflower rice for 5 minutes.  While it’s cooking, saute the peppers and onion.   When the vegetables are tender, add the rotel,  taco seasoning, and meat of your choice.  Stir in the cauliflower and mix altogether til heated through.   This is also delicious without meat if you want to serve it as a side instead of an entree.



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