My First Keto With Kynda Event!

kynda-mark-2012-2016I was excited & thrilled to have 20 people who came to my very first Keto With Kynda event at Trailhead today. Many of you who attended were near and dear to me and I was so happy to see every single one of you.  As Mark and I have been experiencing all of these amazing benefits from eating keto, I’ve been dreaming of sharing that experience with all of you. 

My vision is that one day everyone will know about this way of eating, that we’ll all understand the mistakes that were made when dietary fat was alleged to be the cause of heart disease, and that we’ll understand that sugar is really the culprit to the obesity and diabetes epidemic that we have today.  I want to see good keto food everywhere and for it to be the norm. Maybe one day sugar will carry a black box warning!  

I realize this sounds pretty extreme, but when I think of the health problems that so many of us are facing and the people we’ve lost to diabetes and its devastating effects; I think we need to get extreme!  I am so happy and grateful that Mark and I have found this way of eating and the benefits it brings.  I hope our story will inspire others to give it a try.