Pumpkin Spice Ideas

Don’t let Starbucks convince you to get off track during this pumpkin spice time of year!  It’s completely unnecessary because you can get something really satisfying that actually helps you lose weight and feel good about celebrating fall.  There’s not a PSL in the world that’s worth seeing the scale go up or having to buy bigger pants!

I made this yummy Pumpkin Spice Creamer adapted from  https://dashingdish.com/recipe/sugar-free-pumpkin-spice-syrup    Rather than using the water to make syrup, I used heavy cream.  With this adaptation, you can get 8 servings, approximately ¼ cup servings of 17 gms fat and 2 carbs.  The original  syrup recipe could also be used as a creamer, but I wanted the full fat dairy version.  If you’re doing dairy-free keto, you might want to try the syrup version instead.  Let me know how it turns out

And here’s Carrie Brown’s Pumpkin Spice Frappe!  She shared this recipe during Episode 46 of Ketovangelist Kitchen Podcast) .  You can also find this recipe in her Beverages cookbook, which is on my wish list.

2 cups ice                              ½ tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 tsp vanilla                            ½ cup cold strong coffee (or cold brew concentrate)
4 Tbls swerve                          3 T pumpkin (canned with no sugar or other ingredients)
½ cup nut milk such as almond, coconut, etc.–I would probably use at least part heavy cream to up the fat content and because. . . well, heavy cream 🙂

Blend together.  The longer it’s blended, the thicker it will get.  If you want a smoother frappe that won’t separate, the last step is to add ¼ tsp guar gum while the blender is still running.   3 carbs, 1 fat, 1 protein.   If you replaced the almond milk with heavy cream, the fat content will increase.

But really, because I’m not crazy about sweetened coffee and because I’m not a fan of commercially prepared flavored coffee (nothing against those, it’s just not my favorite):    Make your coffee as you like with heavy cream/butter/MCT oil, etc.  Or black, however you like your coffee.  Sprinkle with a combo of cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice 😊




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