September Keto Update

The year 2016 is going down as our Keto discovery year.  Mark’s recovery from diabetes and high blood pressure has been incredible.  He’s down to one med for his blood sugar and off blood pressure meds entirely.  I’ve lost 55 pounds and am off all anti inflammatory meds for pain.   And best of all, this […]

All In: July Update

We went to breakfast at Boone’s with friends this morning.  We used to love their wagon wheel pancakes & green-onion-garlic hash rounds.  Sigh.  But we’re doing so well with our weight loss,  feeling good, and Mark’s blood sugars have never been lower.  So.  Now we have huge omelets–meat lover’s for Mark and cheese for me […]

Mark’s Keto Journey

Happy Birthday to Mark, aka the best husband in the whole wide world!  I am so proud of him–this low-carb-high-fat way of life has taken his beloved potatoes and bread away but he’s seeing amazing results.  His A1C is down by a third, he’s gotten off two long-term meds, and all of his clothes are […]

Low Carb Happy @ Five Months

If weight watchers works for you, then that is terrific! I’m happy  for you and wish you the very best.  I wish it had worked for me. But if–like me–joining weight watchers for the 11th time leaves you feeling rebellious and mad and sad and just plain hungry–well then no more.   No.  More. Maybe my […]