Resource Round-Up

There’s a lot to learn about this way of eating and it’s easy to get information overload.   Caution:  Don’t try to watch/read everything on this list in one day.  Pick something of interest to you and start there at your own pace.  Just start learning and know that you will find your answers as you […]

Four Months Keto Update

Christmas 2015.  231 pounds.  I was miserable unhappy eating all the time. And I. Did. Not. Know What. To. Do.  I didn’t want to be overweight.  I didn’t want to see the scales go up every time I stepped on them.  But I didn’t want to be hungry either.  And changing my eating had always […]

Two Months of Low Carb Keto

Two months ago, I found  Ketogenic Success on facebook.  They  provide a daily stream of education, hope and inspiration on my news feed. With their help, I’ve lost 22 pounds. And I’m off NSAIDs for the first time in 15 years. I used to think there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t lose […]