Merry Thanksgiving!

What a great Thanksgiving!  It was a small celebration, but mighty 🙂 Mark got up before dawn to start the fresh turkey in the smoker.  We agree, hands down, The. Best. Bird. Ever.  I’m so thankful Mark likes the smoker!  We looked at them on and off for a while and tried to talk ourselves […]

Cowboy Butter

Lately I’ve been making compound butter to put on steaks and burgers.  I got inspired to make them after a friend gave me this cute little mold.  Thanks, Nancie!   This one is Cowboy Butter.  If you like horse radish and you’re looking for ways to add more healthy fat to your intake, you might […]


We love chicken wings here at our house.  And this week’s version was the easiest version ever.  Thaw, pat dry, salt & pepper, then deep fry in  lard.  That’s it.  They were great! (The cookbook The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse is a new one to us. Lots of dairy free options in Maria’s books if […]

Sugar Free Chocolate Your Way

While the title of the recipe is sugar free chocolate chips, I made these into 24 squares so they could be pulled out for either chocolate chips or for a bit of chocolate to go with a cup of coffee.  Two total carbs, one fiber, one net carb.  Five fat, one protein. These are solid […]

Friday Night Poppers

I often make up a batch of poppers for Friday nights.  Here our Skye girl is hanging out waiting for a bite even though she has never tasted a popper.  I don’t think she’d like jalapenos!  She had to settle for a milk bone. You can find a bunch of popper recipes on pinterest, but […]

Lemon Pound Cake

I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day and she was raving about a lemon pound cake that my sister-in-law Lisa had made.  “I never tasted a better pound cake.  I couldn’t tell the difference.”  Well, I had to try it.  And. . . She was right! I used an angel […]

Short Ribs

These short ribs were fresh cut at Humphrey’s and just beautiful.  I browned them in the instant pot, then added 14 oz of beef broth, 14 oz of no-sugar added marinara sauce, a couple of cloves of garlic and a couple tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce with salt & pepper and then pressured on low for […]