Fried Chicken

Tonight’s chicken dinner. Mark used crushed pork rinds for breading and fried the nuggets in lard.  The side is cheesy cauliflower.  Microwave a steamer bag of riced cauliflower, mix in grated cheddar cheese and sour cream, put in a baker and top with a little more cheese and butter.  Bake til melty. Not pictured is […]

Another Pizza Crust

My mom made this pizza for us when I was visiting with her last month.  She’s 81 years young and has been on her own low-carb journey.  She’s lost 30 pounds and is now maintaining instead of trying to lose any more.  YaY 🙂 I am so proud of my mama–she knows her way around […]

We’ve Been Cooking!

Chorizo & cheese egg bake consists of a layer of chorizo topped with mozzarella or mexican melting cheese and topped with a couple of fresh cracked eggs, baked 350 degrees about 20 minutes or til your eggs are cooked the way you like them. . . . And a picture of Bets & Kyle with […]

August Keto Update

            One of Mark’s favorites:  carne asada with scrambled eggs & cheese @ Boone’s           Wings made here at home, which which became a highlight of our summer here at Canada Garden.  We pressure cook (slow cook or oven roast would work too) the wings with […]

Low Carb Happy @ Six Months

Well, here we are at the 6-month point and we’re still going StRoNg!  Meaning this is something we can live with and trust.  Mark is feeling much much better and we’re looking forward to new lab work in a couple of months.  It’s certainly a different feeling to be looking forward to getting lab work […]

Cashew Waffles

This was my breakfast today–cashew waffles with blueberries.  Does this look like a diet?  And if I had had some whipping cream made up, that would have been okay too!   Sunday mornings are  waffle mornings here.  Mark loves them and he takes the leftovers  to go with his first coffee when he gets to work.  […]