Take Pictures!

I tell all my clients, “take pictures!”.  Yes, I avoided having my picture taken for years too, but with keto you’ll treasure those before pictures.  They’ll remind you of how far you’ve come and how much your lives have changed.   These collages become a mega-dose of motivation!

We’re so excited to go into this second holiday season while living this ketogenic way of eating.  I’m so thankful for no more fat pants and no more diabetes.  Our food is wonderful, we aren’t deprived, we never go hungry.  We’re eating wonderful food, enjoying the occasional desserts, and feeling good with plenty of energy to do what we love.  This is our holiday wish for you too.

Our Keto With Kynda & Mark groups continue at Unity.  If you’re local, come join us!

You can also find me coaching at Ketovangelistcoaching.com.

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