The Magic Pill

So our showing of The Magic Pill actually happened on March 7th here in Springfield.  We are so grateful to the hundred-plus people who came to see it with us. So many of you in our keto tribe showed up to be with us. You all rock! You will never know how much you help me to stay motivated and on track and thinking about how we can keep spreading the message.

And to those of you who are new to this low-carb, high-fat ketogenic idea, thank you for joining us and for taking a chance on learning more about a way of eating that is the exact opposite of what we’ve been taught for the last fifty years. I hope we get to meet again soon!

I was blown away by the positive response and the kind words from so many who attended.    I am still flying high from the whole experience!  Here are a few of the messages that I received afterwards:

  • It was life-transforming awesome!
  • Thanks to you for caring enough to bring Magic Pill to us. Information presented in such a way underscores our collective humankind, and is both in its presentation!!
  • Thank you so very much for bringing this wonderful documentary to Springfield. So interesting ~ wish I could watch it again!
  • I thought it was great! Very re-enforcing!
  • A HUGE thank you to you!. It was truly, sad, happy and so inspiring to watch. I was literally fighting back tears as I left the movie theater.
  • Congratulations on your strong showing at your movie!  I found it very interesting and motivating!
  • I  enjoyed the movie– so amazing what a change in your diet will do for you.
  • Thanks for driving this effort Kynda ..It was a wonderful experience and it was fun meeting some of the locals…


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