Thickeners & Texturizers

So how to use keto-friendly thickeners? Here’s a quick summary:

Konjac powder, also known as glucomannan powder, can be bought as a loose powder or sometimes you can find it in capsules in the vitamin section of a health food specialty store.  Or Amazon, there’s always Amazon for those harder to find keto items.

Konjac powder is a good thickener for soups, gravies, sauces.  Use a little bit, maybe a half teaspoon, simmer for a while, and then add a little more as needed.  If we add too much, it’s a mess and it will be difficult to save the dish.

Xantham gum is used to help baked goods have better, stronger texture.  I regularly add xantham gum to  baked goods like brownies or cakes, even if the recipe doesn’t call for it.  Xantham gum will not work to thicken a liquid.

Unflavored, preferably grass-fed, gelatin also helps to improve the texture of baked goods and I add it in with the xantham gum. I started using more of the gelatin after finding this great brownie recipe.

Guar gum is best used in ice creams (See Carrie Brown’s ice cream recipe book) and in cold smoothies.  It improves texture of the ice cream and it will keep your smoothie from separating. Once it’s added to the mixture, don’t overblend it as it can get gummy.  Guar gum won’t work well in heated sauces.

And if you’re interested in making a cheese sauce, sodium citrate makes a beautiful cheese sauce.

Don’t use almond flour or coconut flour to thicken anything. They don’t act as thickeners at all.

Updated 1-19-2019