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I recently learned that our local Vitamin Shoppe is carrying Fat Snax, a keto cookie; and Drop an F Bomb, which are packets of nut butters for on-the-go or travel situations.  The chocolate version of the F Bombs have sugar (so the caution to read ingredient lists stands as usual) but they have several combos with macadamia, cashew, and pecan butters with no added sugar.  These are a couple of clean keto products that I’ve found that are  good-tasting,so I want you to know they are easy to find locally.

Don’t forget our local Apple Barn our local Apple Barn for keto products too.  They continue to carry fresh and frozen keto baked goods and I hear they are working on some new surprises for our keto kitchens too!  The Apple Barn is one of my favorite local places to shop and I love finding a keto lemon bar in their bakery case 🙂

Easter’s going to be coming up in a few weeks, don’t forget to prepare for the challenge of staying on track during the holiday.  We’re going to have the strawberry pretzel salad and probably some chocolate-covered strawberries too.  It really is possible to stay on track during a holiday.  There’s such a feeling of accomplishment and pride when you successfully navigate a holiday.

Coach Mary of KetoMary71 on Facebook is having another round of their coaching group for Food Addiction and Recovery starting April 7th.  If you are someone who has tried and tried to adopt the keto lifestyle but seem to get off track time and time again, this might be your group.  It’s an online group, easy to set up on your laptop or phone, and cost is $199 for 8 weeks.  I know Mary personally, she has been my coach several times over the course of the last three years and I know this group is a bargain, packed with information and support.

Lately I’ve ran into several people who are helping loved ones with Alzheimer’s.  If you or someone you love is dealing with this horrible condition, I’d recommend taking a look at Amy Berger’s The Alzheimer’s Antidote.

I’ll be doing Abe’s Army again this year and am planning to join the race walkers group this time.  Abe’s Army is a 12-week program designed to train new and seasoned runners and walkers to complete Abe’s Amble in August during the State Fair. I hear this year they’ll have both a 5K and a 10K version.  I would love to see some fellow keto peeps there, I hope you’ll join me!

Okay, I hope you’re all cooking good keto foods and finding great keto-friendly selections at your favorite restaurants. You can find our photo album of foods we’ve been eating on our Keto with Kynda & Mark Facebook page.

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