What We’ve Been Up To: Recap

Once again it was so great to see everybody!  Thank you for joining our keto tribe!

For those of you new to keto, be sure to check out my favorite resources for getting started.

Pictured in the middle of the header above, you can see Mark and I beginning the Abe’s Amble walk at the state fair a couple weeks ago.  I walked ten years ago at 230 pounds and was pretty miserable.  It felt good to walk without that extra 87 pounds!  I’m hoping to walk again next year.  I would love for you to join us 🙂

Keto Biscuits
At our Unity meeting this week, we sampled Carrie Brown’s updated cheesy biscuit/scone recipe as well as taste-tested Kerry Gold Butter.  The new and improved recipe for biscuits is firmer, not as fragile as the previous recipe.  We all agreed the flavor and texture were good.  You can find the recipe here if you’d like to try them too.  And we’re big fans of Kerry Gold butter! You can find it at most grocery stores alongside regular butters.

Recipe & Food Ideas:
One of our attendees shared that she’s been enjoying Cooking with Kristie’s recipes.  You can also find Kristie on dietdoctor.com.  If you’re interested in a cookbook, she recently published Keto Living Day by Day.  It’s a good one to have if you like having an actual book of recipes.

It’s almost fall, can you believe it?  And you know what that means–we’ll be hearing pumpkin spice here, there and everywhere!  Don’t let Starbucks get you off track.  Here’s a post that I wrote last fall with a good pumpkin spice creamer and frappe if you’d like to make your own.  I routinely sprinkle cinnamon on top of my coffee with heavy cream.  I love the smell! And if you want to whip up some heavy cream with a little swerve and cinnamon, that would be a great topping for a coffee, iced or hot.  We don’t have to be deprived, we can find alternatives that make us happy and fill us up without having to worry about fat pants or high blood sugars.

In the News
Gweneth Paltrow featured The Magic Pill on her huge lifestyle website goop!  Check out the Q & A with Pete Evans, the chef who stars in the documentary.  So nice to see that positive review, especially given some of the keto-bashing articles that you may have seen lately.    If you haven’t seen the documentary, what are you waiting for?!?  Make a date for a movie night and watch on Netflix or Amazon or at this spot free.

Getting your Mind Right
We had a touching heart-to-heart discussion about getting our minds right with this way of eating.  For those who go off keto and can get right back on track, that’s a personal decision that you make for yourself.  For those who can eat more that the twenty carbs that we recommend: if it works for you, then you do you.  As long as you’re happy and meeting your health care goals; you go your own way and we’ll be happy for you.

But if you find out that eating high carb foods makes you feel bad, that it leads to weight gain and disappointment, and/or that it causes health problems for you; it’s time to get serious and commit to not cheating.  We don’t cheat because we learned that cheating doesn’t work for us.  It makes us feel bad, we gain weight, and we’re not about to let those symptoms of diabetes back into our home. Most of us with insulin resistance are facing an addiction to carbs and it’s a slippery slope from a “cheat” to a full-blown relapse.  Here’s one of my favorite “Getting Your Mind Right” videos from Mary.  If this is an issue for you, please take 15 minutes to watch her message here.

And here’s another precious video from Katrina, also a coach with Ketovangelistcoaching.com, in which she tells us, “Don’t leave before your miracle happens.”  Katrina has lost 200 pounds and in a minute 13 seconds, she’s got a really important message to share.  I hope you’ll take that minute 13 to hear her inspiring encouragement here.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Our next meeting is September 11th at 6:30 at Unity.  Hope to see you all there!

Til next time,

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