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I send out an email after each one of our local Keto With Kynda & Mark group meetings.  If you’re interested in receiving those emails, feel free to sign up and I’ll get you added to the list.  There’s a spot just to the right of this post where you can submit your name & email address or you can use the Contact Me form too.  Either way works! I won’t share your address with anyone.  So here’s the recap that I sent out after our meeting on Jan 9th:

Mark and I were so happy to see everybody at our last meeting! It’s  very heartwarming to hear your success stories.  I’d guess this group has lost more than 500 pounds altogether!! That’s incredible.   And the health benefits of reversing the symptoms of diabetes, reduced pain, improved energy, mental clarity are amazing. The right foods are our fountain of youth.

We watched Dr Sarah Hallberg’s Ted Talk Reversing Diabetes Starts with Ignoring the Guidelines.  This video is one that helped us so much when we first started out.  Even for those who aren’t facing diabetes, it’s a good overall explanation about why this way of eating helps us lose weight and improve our health.

We hope you’ll go to the movies with us!  Thirty-eight more tickets to go and we’ll be seeing The Magic Pill right here in Springfield at the AMC 12 theater on March 7th at 7 pm.  This is an Australian-made documentary about what our modern day processed foods are doing to us and the health benefits of real whole foods.  You can view the trailer and purchase tickets for your seats here:  https://fan-force.com/screenings/the-magic-pill-amc-springfield/.

Newcomers will find some of my favorite resources here:  https://www.ketowithkynda.com/resource-round-up/.   If you’re looking for a book that gives an easy to understand how-to, we like Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore and Dr Westman. I was at Barnes & Noble today and they had a couple of copies.

We talked about the three macros that we track:  carbs, protein, and fat.  Here’s a graphic that explains our target numbers for each macro.  And if you’d like a more detailed discussion about setting target protein numbers, you can find that here:  https://www.ketovangelist.com/macros-explained/.

We talked a little about cholesterol concerns.  Dietdoctor has a series of videos about cholesterol by physicians from around the world. This excellent site is free for the first 30 days and you can see that series about cholesterol here.  If you like podcasts, this is one of my favorite discussions about cholesterol with Houston cardiologist Dr Nadir Ali. 

And I’ll add this quick article from author Dr Mark Hyman Eggs Don’t Cause Heart Attacks. As you can see, there’s lots of info out there that demonstrates to us that healthy fats are our friend and sugar is the real culprit in heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

If you’re interested in a heart scan, Mark and I were able to take advantage of special pricing of $39 dollars last year at HSHS St Mary’s in Decatur.  I have no idea what their pricing is now, but if you’re interested in having a heart scan, it might be worth a call to check with them:  https://www.stmarysdecatur.com/Medical-Services/Heart-Care/Heart-Scan..

Add our next meeting  January 23rd, 6:30 pm at Unity to your calendar.  We hope you’ll join us 🙂

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