We love chicken wings here at our house.  And this week’s version was the easiest version ever.  Thaw, pat dry, salt & pepper, then deep fry in  lard.  That’s it.  They were great!

(The cookbook The 30 Day Ketogenic Cleanse is a new one to us. Lots of dairy free options in Maria’s books if you’re looking for those.)



Our previous go-to wings were cooked in the instant pot with butter and Cholula hot sauce, and then finished off on the grill with Stubbs sugar free barbeque sauce.  I find Stubbs at our local Wal-Mart.  We’ll continue to make them like this as well because they’re yummy too.

If you’re having wings when you’re going out to eat, be sure to find  ones that aren’t breaded.  Most wing places will have a non-breaded version, usually the bone-in type.  And they usually have a low carb version of sauce, but they don’t call it that.  Look for names like naked, mustard sauce, vinegar and salt, garlic Parmesan, etc and don’t be afraid to ask questions about ingredients!

For chain restaurants like bww and wingz, look up nutritional facts on their websites or on your tracking app.    It’s definitely possible to eat out with this way of living and once you get the hang of it, it’s easy and delicious and filling and did I mention the part about smaller pants?  Yes, going out to eat while wearing smaller pants and knowing you’re going to have to go shopping for smaller pants yet again.    Life is good 🙂